Annual Exhibitor Awards are held to encourage a high standard of professionalism and quality displays. Award Presentations are held on Wednesday afternoon and attract significant press coverage.

Awards requiring entry forms are: 

  • Imported Machine of the Year -sponsored byThe Weekly Times 
  • Australian Machine of the Year -sponsored byThe Weekly Times 
  • Award for Advances in Technology & Innovation- sponsored by The Country News

The following awards are open and do not require entry forms:-

  • Life Governors Award for Best Overall Exhibit -sponsored byThe Elmore/Lockington/ Rochester Community Bank Branches 
  •  Best Static Display Award- sponsored byThe Weekly Times
  • The Betty Childs Memorial Award for Best Display in the General Interest Area- Sponsored by Peats Office Equipment of Echuca
  • The Best Agribusiness Pavilion Exhibit Award 
  • The Best Recreation & Leisure Award 

Signage and display

All Exhibitors must confine their displays, equipment and service vehicle within the boundaries of their allocated site. This also includes tent pegs which must be covered.

A-Frame or any other signage is not allowed under any circumstances on road or pavilion doors and aisles and will be removed immediately.

In the interest of public safety and to maintain the aesthetic standard of the event, the Committee reserves the right to remove all goods outside the site boundaries.


What accommodation is available?

Many long standing Exhibitors hold bookings from year to year in local Hotels and motels.

New Exhibitors are advised to contact:

Local Accommodation:

  • Avonmore Estate - Rob & Pauline Bryans, 03 5432 6291
  • Aysons Cottage B&B- Stewart Ayson 0417 517 034
  • Elmore Caravan Park - 03 5432 6355
  • Pepperton Homestead - Roger & Dianne Trewick, 03 5432 6190
  • Runnymede Farm B&B - Brendan Frawley, 0402 201 128
  • Victoria Hotel / Motel - Danny Hayes 03 5432 6002
  • Bonny Bank B&B - Megan Ayson 0417 711 633
  • Myola Rise - Lyn & Legh Hall - 0418 526 415
  • Gunyah Valley Retreat - 03 5441 5960
  • Rochester Caravan Park - 03 5484 1622
  • Rochester Motel - 03 5484 1077
  • Rochester Wine Tavern B&B - 03 5484 3887

Admission (Public)

Public Admission each day:

  • Adults $20.00  
  • Secondary Students $10.00
  • Children under 12 years. Free


Group bookings may be made with the administration office, prior to the event. Single day passes can be purchased in bulk. Contact the office on 5432 6176 to arrange. Please contact the office at least 2 weeks prior to the event. Bus parking is available.


Exceptions may be made for Personal Assistance Dogs and Working Display Dogs.

Agribusiness Pavilion


  • The pavilion will be open for set up from 8am the Thursday prior to the Field Days
  • No signage is permitted outside exhibitor sites, on walls, or outside the pavilion and will be removed
  • No holes are permitted in the clay floor
  • To achieve visual impact, further enhancing your marketing and customer experience a professional booth system will be in place.

Booths provided by Bendigo Party Hire will be in place for all 3x3 and 6x6 metre sites - Booth panels are 2.4m high and 1m wide

  • These booths form a shell scheme and are therefore compulsory.
  • They will have trading names on the fascia board and two spot lights.
  • Plywood flooring is also in place on 6 x 6 metre clay floor booth sites.
  • Products suitable for distinguishing site boundaries are a readily available option for the larger clay floor sites also. 
  • We strongly encourage those exhibitors to consider further defining and enhancing the visual impact of their display by exploring this option. 
  • Artificial turf will be in place along aisles in the clay floor area to provide further distinction and visual appeal. 
  • As part of their service to Agribusiness Pavilion Exhibitors at the Elmore Field Days, Bendigo Party Hire are happy to assist with all other hire equipment or furnishings you may require to complete your booth set up.
  • Please be considerate of neighbouring exhibitors when planning delivery and placement of large display items
  • All sites have access to one 240V or 3 Phase Power outlet 
  • Extension leads required for power access is the responsibility of the site holder - all extension leads must be approved and tagged by a qualified electrician
  • Contact administration for assistance or to discuss any concerns regarding access, your display, goods delivery and set up.


  • Vehicles are NOT permitted to enter the pavilion unless part of permanent display
  • Vehicles are NOT to be parked and unloaded from 4th Avenue unless under direction from site personnel.  This is the main site access road and must be kept clear
  • Service vehicle passes are only issued to outdoor exhibitors.  All vehicles belonging to indoor exhibitors must leave the site prior to public opening times. - Exhibitor Parking is south of the pavilion


  • Exhibitors must comply with current Occupational Health & Safety Workplace Regulations
  • Regulation warning signs and Material Safety Data Sheets must be on your site.  Your site safety plan must also be completed and lodged with Administration.


The well maintained grass airstrip is situated on the east side of the site with space available for aircraft parking.  Refer to site map for airstrip co-ordinates.  Further details can be obtained from Wayne Cowan on 0427 326 444

Cash Withdrawal Facilities

Elmore / Lockington / Rochester Community Bank® Branch Bendigo Bank is a Strategic Partner of the Field Days.  Bendigo Bank will have Cash Withdrawal Facilities located at the Administration Office, from use from the Monday prior to the Field Days.

Cancellations - Exhibitor Site

If the Exhibitor cancels this contract 30 days or more prior to the Field Days, the Exhibitor shall be entitled to a refund of 75% of any site fees already paid.  If site cancellation occurs within 30-21 days prior to the Field Days, the Exhibitor shall be entitled to a 50% refund of site fees already paid.  Cancellations less that 21 days prior to the Field Days, the Exhibitor will not be entitled to any refund or payment of any money paid by the Exhibitor in relation to this contract, furthermore any cancellation before this date may be subject to administration fees.

Catering Service (Corporate Service)

Sandwich / Savoury platters & corporate catering is a speciality of the voluntarily run Elmore Field Days Catering Committee who can deliver food / lunch orders to your site. For all food enquiries please contact 

Corporate Catering Phone: 0457 207 150 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Co - Exhibitors (Site Sharers)

Those with whom sites are co-exhibited / shared MUST BE AGRICULTURE / HORTICULTURE / PRIMARY PRODUCTION exhibitors.  The committee may refuse entry to a site sharer who is not registered or does not meet this criteria.

Exhibitors who invite other firms to display or demonstrate on their site must ensure that the firms concerned register and pay the co-exhibitor fee of $185.00.

If any site sharing is arranged after the Exhibitor Registration Form is lodged, written confirmation must be arranged via a form from administration.

Registration will:

  1. Allow the Co-exhibitor to be listed in the Official Program with the products they have and their location on site. 
  2. Allow the Co-Exhibitor to be listed on our website 
  3. Enable the co-Exhibitor to purchase their own Exhibitor Passes. 
  4. Inform the committee of their presence on site so that enquiries from the public can be answered. 
  5. Allow participation in the comparative demonstrations.

Allow co-exhibitor to enter the site awards

Conditions of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons the EFD committee reserves the right to:-

  • refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and/or disorderly or likely to cause a breech of the peace.
  • remove persons causing disturbances, breeching the peace or refusing to comply with requests from EFD.
  • persons entering the site must adhere to Occupational Health & Safety legislation.
  • special care should be taken at all times to protect yourself and others against any loss or injury
  • persons entering the site may be photographed, filmed or taped and it is deemed that a person by entering the site consents to the EFD or parties appointed by the EFD to broadcast, publish and use any photographs, film, recording or images for promotional purposes.
  • persons must obey all signs notices and directions given by the EFD whilst on site.
  • The following restricted / prohibited items are not permitted on site without written consent - alcoholic beverages, flares, fireworks, laser pointers, knives and other dangerous weapons.

No dogs are permitted on site - exceptions may be made for personal assistance dogs and working display dogs

Courier Services


To enable restocking of stands during the Field Days when vehicle movement is restricted due to public safety, an Inwards Goods depot and site delivery service for the convenience of Exhibitors has been set up outside Gate 5.  Goods may be delivered to this depot during the day.  


A parcel pick up service is provided to convey larger or bulky items off site to buildings located adjacent to the entry/exit gates where they can be collected by visitors for transfer to their vehicles.

Parcel Pick-Up Delivery Books can be ordered during the online exhibitor registration process. The books will be delivered to exhibitor sites on the Monday prior to the Field Days.  

For further information on the operation of this facility contact Parcel Pick Up Service Administration Office from the Monday before the Field Days. Weight restrictions apply and a small fee is charged to the user. This service is conducted by volunteers.

Cranes & Forklifts

A crane and forklift service is available to exhibitors FREE OF CHARGE at specific times.  Bookings are made at the site administration office upon arrival. 2017 Times

MOBILE CRANE (capacity 4 tonne) is available on site (8.30am to 4.00pm) weekdays prior to and after Field Days.

FORKLIFTS (capacity 4 tonne) are available from 18 September 2017 to 10 October 2017 (8.30am to 4.00pm).

HEAVIER CRANES (20 tonne & 18 tonne) are available as follows: 

  • Thurs 27th Sept from 8.30am to 4.30pm
  • Fri 28th Sept– 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Sat 29 Sept – 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Sun 30th Sep– NOT AVAILABLE
  • Mon 1st Oct- 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Tue 2nd Oct– NOT AVAILABLE
  • Wed 3rd Oct –NOT AVAILABLE
  • Thurs 4th Oct – 5.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Fri 5th Oct – 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Sat 6th Oct – 8.30am – 4.30pm
  • Sun 7th Oct – NOT AVAILABLE
  • Mon 8th Oct - 8.30am – 1.00pm

Any heavy lifts required outside these times, need to be arranged 
directly via our office, 5432 6176.

Crane bookings for Thursday of the Field Days will be taken at the Administration Office from 1.00pm on that day and must be made in person.

Crop Trials

A number of exhibitors and interested companies have established crop trials at the Elmore Events Centre, home of the Elmore Field Days.   Access to these areas is available all year round to showcase to clients.

Inpaddock and on-site crop trials will feature as part of the event.  Exhibitors interested in establishing crop trials are invited to contact the Chair of Static Display - Scott Nichol - 0400 084 851.

Dangerous Goods Storage

Exhibitors are reminded to display the necessary Warning Signs to comply with the 1985 Dangerous Substances (Placarding of Workplaces) Regulations.  See Site Safety Plan.

Demonstrations – In Paddock

Should an exhibitor wish to demonstrate any equipment to their clients, please contact the office on 03 5432 6176. 



Due to Occupational Health and Safety concerns we have a "No Dogs Permitted" policy on site.  Exceptions are personal assistance dogs and working display dogs - written permission must be obtained from administration to verify whilst on site.

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Fire, Police, Ambulance - 000
  • Field Days Office - 5432 6176
  • St John Ambulance - 0428 378 954 / 0427 863 110
  • Elmore Medical Practice - 5432 6001

First Aid

St John Ambulance will be present on site and will be available to administer first aid if required at the First Aid Rooms near the Administration Office. They can be contacted on 0428 378 954 or 0427 863 110.

In the case of an emergency contact 000 and then inform St Johns Ambulance.

General Interest Area & Ag Art Wear Competition

The George Holmberg Pavilion houses the General Interest Area of indoor sites and marquee sites along the exterior walls of the pavilion.  Exhibitors will demonstrate commercial goods, cottage industry, handcrafts and clothing products.

The Auditorium, in a large adjacent marquee will provide a non stop presentation including the Ag Art Wear Competition Parades and other enlightening and topical speakers to interest the rural community.

In its 17th year the Ag Art Wear Competition will be the highlight on the program, for which record entries are expected.  There will be parades each day of the garments constructed from materials found on a farm; an attraction not to be missed. 


Exhibitors need to arrange to have their own product liability and insurance for their trade displays. 

As part of the annual application process for Elmore Field Days, each exhibitor must provide a Public Liability Certificate of Currency, current for year of the applicable Elmore Field Days, for an amount not less than $10,000,000.

Livestock Breed Society Exhibits

There is a dedicated area for these displays. Water and power is available on site.  All livestock must be on site by 8.30am and may not be removed until 5.00pm.  All Exhibitors need to be able to supply a Growers Declaration of disease free status on request.

Marquee / Equipment Hire

Marquees larger than 100 square metres must be erected by a person with the qualifications to do so and must obtain a certificate of occupancy from the Shire of Campaspe a copy of which must be forwarded to our office.

All exhibitors are responsible to make their own arrangements regarding the hire of marquees, tables, chairs, etc.  Direct contact with the hire companies to secure these services should be made as soon as possible.

Hire Companies & Contractors who support us are:-

  • Bourke Hire - 03 5872 1433
  • Bendigo Party Hire - 03 5442 2222
  • Temptation Living & Landscapes - 03 5484 2209
  • CMS Refrigeration & Electrical - 03 5432 6744

Mobility Scooter / Wheelchair Hire

Disabled parking is available in the West carpark near Gate 2 and in the East Carpark near Gate 11

Scooter and wheelchair hire is available:

Event Scooter Hire 
To prebook call 02 6921 4444
or (on site 0428 694 335)

New Product Releases

Information is distributed to the media on details of new products or new releases which coincide with the Field Days.  

Exhibitors are asked to provide information via the New Release Form on any relevant products which will be passed onto the media for their use.  The Weekly Times 'Machines of the Year' awards are judged from the list of New Releases.

Occupational Health & Safety (Site Safety Plan)

All Exhibitors, their employees and/or volunteers must abide by the Occupational Health & Safety Act.  The site allocated to you is considered an extension of your workplace.  You and the EFD have a responsibility for the safety of staff and visitors to your site.

Beware of overhead powerlines and underground services;  Site maps indicating location of underground power and services can be obtained from the Administration Office.  

The Exhibitor will be responsible for any damage incurred. The committee has a formalised site safety plan to assist exhibitors with public safety.

KNIVES are not permitted to be sold to people under the age of 18 - Identification must be requested and signage must be erected advising customers of age restrictions.

Opening Times


3 DAY EXHIBITOR PASSES are $18.00 each and need to be ordered during the registration process or purchased prior to the event.

THERE ARE NO FREE PASSES.  Normal admission charges will apply if passes are not produced at the exhibitors entrance.  THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS 


One Day passes can be purchased for $20.00 and ordered from the field days office if exhibitors wish to make these available to their clients.


In the interest of public safety vehicle access to the site and around the site will be kept to an absolute minimum. 

One SERVICE VEHICLE PASS is allocated to each outdoor static site to allow that vehicle to be parked within the boundaries of the Exhibitor’s site.  This does not include General Interest Pavilion or Agribusiness Exhibition Pavilion sites.

All other vehicles including trailers must be parked off site by 10.00am.  EXHIBITOR CAR PARK PASSES are issued free of charge with the Exhibitor Pack and allow vehicles into the static display area before 10.00am and after 5.00pm each day.

Photocopying / Email

Photocopying (including color) and email facilities are available at the Administration Office


As per included in your site fee all sites (indoor & outdoor) have access to one 15A single phase power outlet which suits both 15A and 10A plug tops. All outlets are individually protected and switched by combined residual current device and miniture circuit breaker (safety switch). Additional 15A single phase power outlets and/or 3 phase 32A or 20A outlets are required to be ordered during the Online Exhibitor Registration process. Access is available from your nearest point of supply with extension leads and earth leakage protected portable power boxes the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Please Note the following 2 points:

1. All extension leads bought onto site must be a minimum of 25m in length, heavy duty sheath and approved and tagged by a qualified electrician in order to be utilised legally on site.

2. All earth leakage protected portable power boxes bought onto site must be approved and tagged by a qualified electrician in order to be utilised legally on site.

An electrician will be available on site for testing extension lead & portable appliances if required and supplying an approval tag prior to use on site if required. The sale of extension lead and earth leakage protected portable power boxes will be available on site for the duration of the event. It is important to note the requirement of additional 15A single phase outlets and any three phase outlets as these cannot be arranged during the week of the event. Overloading of outlets could mean disconnection of power to the exhibitors site.

For any assistance contact CMS Refrigeration & Electrical Service Pty Ltd on 0457 369 464

Printed Matter

Permission will not be granted to hand out printed matter at the gates, in the car parks or anywhere on site apart from Exhibitors own stands.

Product Listing

A product listing will be included in the Official Program to assist the public to find particular items.  Please complete your product listing on the Exhibitor Registration Form.  There is a limit of 6 listings per Exhibitor. 

Public Address System

This service is available only for Field Days Committee announcements and for emergency paging.

Public Services Available

  • Airstrip
  • ATM (Bendigo Bank) 
  • Catering (full range on site)
  • Disabled Parking & toilets
  • Free public parking
  • Mobility Scooter / Wheelchair Hire
  • Parcel Pick Up Service
  • Parenting Centre 
  • Public Bar 
  • Public toilet facilities
  • St Johns Ambulance
  • Telstra MobileNet

Raffle Tickets

The sale of raffle tickets is not permitted on the Field Days property or surrounds.


The Committee retains a professional security firm to secure and patrol the site continuously during the week of the Field Days commencing on the Thursday prior to the event until 7.00am the Sunday following the event. The site area will be cleared of all personnel by 6.30pm each night.

No overnight camping or after hours presence of Exhibitors on the site is permitted. Police and emergency services are available on the site throughout the event.

Seminar Facility

A private on-site facility suitable for seminars, dealers meetings etc is available for hire to Exhibitors during the Field Days.  A data projector and screen also available upon request.  Please apply to the office for availability and costs.


Exhibitors requiring sheep on site must order the number required per day during the online registration process. 

Site Numbering

During 2014 a new site numbering process was introduced. For the upcoming event site numbers will remain the same for all exhibitors allocated the exact same site as the previous year. Exhibitors wishing to check/obtain their site number for the upcoming Elmore Field Days may contact the administration office.

Site Set Up & Unloading

A dedicated parking and transfer area is set aside for Exhibitors to enable them to unload transports/trailers and establish their stands.  

A crane service is provided.  Refer to cranes and forklifts.

Lawn mowing & Post Hole Digging services are available - please enquire at Administration.

Rest rooms and toilet/shower amenities are available to truck drivers during the course of their exhibitor deliveries.  These buildings are adjacent to the Loading Ramp, near the Truck/Trailer parking area.

Access to the site for static display exhibitors is three weeks prior to the event - 8am to 4.30pm

Access to the Agribusiness Pavilion is from Thursday before the event.

Site Size

Each year exhibitors are invited to attend the event and offered the same space that they used in the prior year.  If an exhibitor wishes to change the size of their site - either by increasing or decreasing their site size, communication is required with our administration team.  This is to be during the online exhibitor registration process, there is a specific step to place requests. The allocation of an increase in the site size is not guaranteed and is reliant on suitable space becoming available

Site Vacating

Site and equipment is not be vacated before 5.00pm on the last day of the field days.

All equipment and material must be removed from the site two weeks after the last day. 

Straw Bale Supplies

Straw Bales are available for display purposes.  These can be ordered during the online registration or by contacting the office - phone: (03) 5432 6176

Waste Collection

The Elmore Field Days is a Waste Wise managed event with an emphasis on recycling waste.  Rubbish bins are provided and emptied daily.

At any time you require additional rubbish bins in your area PLEASE ask us.

Exhibitors are asked to assist by separating cardboard, plastic & timber where possible.  There will be signed areas for these recyclable products or leave separated from general waste where practicable. 

Refer to terms and conditions No 10 in reference to leaving of sites in a clean and tidy state


Non-potable water is available at each power outlet.  Tank water taps are available and marked at catering sites.