Farmers told to seek help

A former farmer and builder among health leaders urging rural people to raise their hand if they are doing it tough. 

Local psychologist Bob McNaught used a speech at the Elmore Field Days to say people needed to hold themselves accountable for their mental health. 

"It is important to put your hand up if you are not feeling 100 per cent and then follow through (with treatment)" he told the audience at the Elmore Field Days.


He said the cataylst to become a psychologist was a conversation he had with a woman while he was a builder working in rural Victoria. During a chat around the kitchen table he learnt one of the woman's children was a stillborn. He asked "how was that for you?" ans she said the hardest thing about it was after the stillbirth people would cross the street so they didn't have to talk to her," Mr McNaught said. I asked her how her husband felt and she said "I dunno, we never talk about it." 

Mental health events took place during the Elmore Field Days. If you are experiencing mental health issues call the Beyond Blue Support Service on 1300 224 636.