2019 Ag Art Wear Competition Winners

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Avant Garde




1st Prize: Farewell, Nola Wallis


2nd Prize: Haywire, Noelene Waldron



Cotton Time

1st Prize: Cotton Time, Jan Dew

Razzle Dazzle 2

2nd Prize: Razzle Dazzle, Nola Wallis


18 Years & Under

Troubled Tea Party

1st Prize: Troubled Tea Party, Klara Fennell – Notre Dame College Shepparton

The Hygain Gown

2nd Prize: The Hygain Gown, Veronica Phelan-Tribel – Assumption College Kilmore



Bits Pieces

1st Prize: Bits & Pieces, Eydie Fennell

Horsing Around

2nd Prize: Horsing Around, Amber King-Gee



Spring has Sprung

1st Prize: Spring Has Sprung, Kaylene McMaster

Palm Tree Facinator

2nd Prize: Palm Tree Fascinator, Emma Francis