Committee Profile - Max Williams

What is your job? Farmer


Current role at Field Days?

Life Governor & Committee Member

I am the Forklift & Crane Chairman and am on many of the committees; Emergency Response Committee, Farm Management Committee, Honorarium Committee, Livestock Committee, Safety Committee.


Notable/favourite roles at the Field Days in the past:

My favourite role was my time as Static Display Chairman. This included meeting and getting to know all the exhibitors – many of who I still keep in touch with!  It is great walking around the field days now and seeing the exhibitors and how their displays have changed over the years. 

I also really enjoyed setting up the current site and moving from Ayson’s Reserve from the late 1980’s onwards, it was a big move and lots of work was involved (such as working out where all the underground power and water lines would go, mapping the sites) for the Field Days, but it was rewarding.


How many years have you been on the committee / involved in the Field Days for?

47 years!


Why did you join the Committee?

I was involved with Young Farmers until I was 25 years old. I still wanted to be involved in the community, so I joined the Field Days. I could see there was a reward that came from working with the Field Days with the profits going back to the district of Elmore.


What is your favourite part of the Field Days?

A lot of work goes into the event prior, but it is a great reward seeing it come together for the 3 days.


How do you enjoy spending your spare time?

I enjoy playing bowls in the summertime and playing golf in the winter.

Travelling around in mid-winter with my wife Annie and seeing different parts of Australia and New Zealand.

I also enjoy spending time with my grandchildren and great grandchildren.


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