Committee Profile - Ged McCormick

Ged McCormick

Ged has been involved with the Field Days for over 47 years and he’s tackled many roles during this time. From Static Chairman for 16 years to the Executive Officer for 15 years! 

Now a Life Governor, Ged continues to be heavily involved with our sheep trials as the Livestock Chair.

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Committee Profile - Darren Trewick

Darren Trewick

Darren has been involved in the Field Days since early childhood and proudly says that he has only missed two events during his life! 

A life Governor, Darren has taken on many roles during his time on the committee, from parking cars at 12 years of age to eventually President.

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Committee Profile - Lorraine Trewick

Lorraine Trewick

Lorraine has been involved with the Elmore Field Days for over 50 years, and has taken on many roles during that time.    Most people will know Lorraine as the Coordinator and face of our Ag Art Wear competition over the past 20 years! She is also our General Interest chair, helping to organise the exhibitors in the George Holmberg Pavilion and speakers in the Auditorium each year.

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Committee Profile - Bruce McKenzie

Bruce McKenzie

Bruce has been involved with the Elmore Field Days since the very beginning and joined the committee at just 18 years of age!  

A Life Governor, Bruce started parking cars on the original Aysons Reserve site and eventually went on to the Static Site committee as well as many other roles!

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Committee Profile - May Mann

May Mann

Meet May Mann! Anyone who has exhibited at the Elmore Field Days in the last 40 or so years would know May. She was the original office secretary for 25 years and paved the way for the how the office is still ran today. May is still heavily involved, helping get all those beautiful AgArt gowns down the runway each year.

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Committee Profile - Wayne Cowan

Wayne Cowan

Wayne has officially been on the committee for 10 years and is our Airport Steward.  He looks after our airstrip and any incoming or outgoing aircraft, not just during the Elmore Field Days but all year round!

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Committee Profile - Max Williams

Max Williams

Max has proudly been on the Elmore Field Days Committee for 47 years!  He is a Life Governor, sheep whisperer and our go-to man around the site.

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