Committee Profile - Derek Shotton

What is your job? Landfill Manager - Veolia


Current role at Field Days:


 (i.e lacky to all especially our staff)

I am also on the Budget Committee, Crane Committee, Feature Committee, Marketing Committee, Presentation Committee and Staffing Committee.


 Notable/favourite roles at the Field Days in the past:

 I have loved all my time with the committee. I’ve had many roles over the years and enjoyed them all. I am most proud of my involvement in the process of transitioning our site from simply Field Days to the “Elmore Events Centre”. When I look at the types of events we now host and the dollar spend we see in our district because of events such as Seven Day Adventist Easter gatherings, Jamborees, Driver Training, Horse / Equestrian competitions, Caravan / Motor home conventions and the like I am very proud of our little group.


How many years have you been on the committee / involved in the Field Days for?

I joined committee when I was 18 and apart from the five years I worked in Melbourne I have been on committee ever since. I’m 55 now so you can do the math!


Why did you join the Committee?

 I used to do the fire truck roster with Geoff “Muddy” Clay and he would ask me to help park cars each year (probably because he knew Dad would let me wag school each year to go to the Field Days). As soon as I turned 18 he asked me to come to a meeting and the rest is history. I distinctly remember how embracing the members were in welcoming me and how they would encourage me and others my age coming through the ranks “to have a go”. Since leaving working on the family farm I can honestly say the skills I have learnt at the Field Days have helped me gain all the opportunities I have had in my working life.


What is your favourite part of the Field Days?

The camaraderie and friendships. We all hop in and make it happen while having fun and doing something worthwhile for our community.


How do you enjoy spending your spare time?

Tinkering in the shed, native plant gardening, shooting and fishing and of course playing farmer out at the field days site.


If you are interested in finding out more information about joining our committee please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.