Food Options 2019

See the map for location of food courts

Food Court 1

Meal Packs/Burgers/Vegetarian/ Snack Foods/Hot Dogs - AJ’s EVENT-U-ATE

Ice-cream - Whippd

Food Court 2

Ice-cream - Mr Dairy Whipp

AgriBusiness Pavilion

Coffee - Espresso Concepts               

Food Court 4

Hot Dogs/Beef Hamburgers/Bacon and Egg Roll/Chicken Schitzel - A & A Cerminara Food

Ice-cream - A & A Cerminara Ice Cream

Donuts - Central Victorian Donuts

Calamari/Fish/Hot Chips - Mr Squidgy

Food Court 5

Pies/Vegetarian/Sandwiches/ Wraps/Cakes/Cold Drinks/ Milkshakes - Community Catering

Ice-cream - Game of Cones, Timboon Fine Ice-Cream

Strawberries/Ice-cream - Strawberries Galore

Food Court 5 – Near Office

Coffee/Muffins - Community Catering

Food Court 6

Pulled Pork Burger/Brisket Burger/ American Cheese Burger - Black Barrel BBQ

Baked Potatoes - Central Vic Potatoes

Coffee / Frappes - Coffee al a carte

Calamari/Fish/Hot Chips - Elephant Rock

Hot Dogs/Crepes/Ice-cream/ Smoothies/Milkshakes - Ice Indulgence

Gourmet Burgers - MooBaaCluck

Dumplings/Dim Sims - Shumei’s Dumplings

Chicken Steak/Hot Chips/Steak Sandwich/Hamburgers/Sausages - Soapy’s Steakhouse

Food Court 7

Coffee/Milkshakes - A Country Affair

Pies/Vegetarian/Sandwiches/ Wraps/Cakes/Cold Drinks - Community Catering

BBQ Meats/Burgers/Fries/Wings/ Salads - Genuine Texas Smoked BBQ

Ice-cream/Shakes/Smoothies - Mstar Deserts

Pizza/Wraps - Pizza Party Hire

Food Court 8

Mexican Wraps/Nachos/Sweets - Salads to go

Smoked BBQ Meats/Fries - Tangled in Food

Food Court 9

Pies/Vegetarian/Sandwiches/ Wraps/Cakes/Cold Drinks/Coffee Shop/Milkshakes - Community Catering

Food Court 10

Donuts - Central Victorian Donuts

Coffee/Frappes - Coffee al a carte

Burgers/Chicken Wraps/Chicken/ Fish/Hot Chips/Dim Sims/Spring Rolls/Hot Dogs/Cold Drinks - Mc Carthy Catering

Gelati/Sorbet/Hot Dogs/Milk Shakes - Natura’s Artisan

Food Court 11

Pizza - Forge Pizzeria

German Style Barbeque - RADTKE Catering

Baked Potatoes/Nachos/Sandwiches - Wicked Wendys