Accessible parking is available in the East Car Park near Public Entrance Gate 11; and West Car Park near Public Entrance Gate 2.

Disabled Toilets

Individual disabled male and female toilet facilities are located at toilet blocks near Catering Sites 5, 7 & 9


All weather 1000m landing strip and aircraft parking located on east side of the site. More information and co-ordinates on our getting here page


ATMS will be available on site. See map for location. 


We have a full range of food and refreshments available at 11 locations across the site.

Conditions of Entry

For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all persons, the EFD committee reserves the right to:-

  • refuse entry to any persons deemed to be intoxicated and/or disorderly or likely to cause a breach of the peace or attempting to bring an animal on site (Assistance dogs exempt)
  • remove persons causing disturbances, breaching the peace, having an animal (Assistance dogs exempt) or refusing to comply with requests from EFD.
  • persons entering the site must adhere to Occupational Health & Safety legislation.
  • special care should be taken at all times to protect yourself and others against any loss or injury
  • persons entering the site may be photographed, filmed or taped and it is deemed that a person by entering the site consents to the EFD or parties appointed by the EFD to broadcast, publish and use any photographs, film, recording or images for promotional purposes.
  • persons must obey all signs notices and directions given by the EFD whilst on site.
  • The following restricted/prohibited items are not permitted on site without written consent - alcoholic beverages, flares, fireworks, laser pointers, knives and other dangerous weapons.
  • Refuse entry to anyone trying to bring a dog onto site.

Dogs - not permitted

Due to Occupational Health and Safety, we have a "No Dogs Permitted" policy on site. Exceptions may be made for Personal Assistance Dogs. Please contact the office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First Aid

First Aid services are in attendance all day, first aid is located on 5th Avenue near the office.

Opening Times

The public entrance gates will be open from 8.30am to 5.00pm each day.

Parcel Pick Up Service

Save yourself from lugging your purchases around with you all day by using our Parcel Pick Up Service. 
When you purchase your goods, the exhibitor will give you a form that you need to take to the Parcel Pick Up Office – which is located in the centre of the site near the main office. Volunteers will then go and pick up your goods for a $2 fee. 
These items are then dropped off to your choice of the east or west depots where you can pick up your goods when leaving.

Parenting Centre

A parenting centre with baby feed and change facilities available next to First Aid on 5th Avenue just past the Office.


The Official Elmore Field Days program will be uploaded to the website from Mid September.  It will contain a complete Exhibitor List up to date at the time of printing. 

Click here to view our exhibitor list

Public Bar 

The public bar on site hosted by the Elmore Football Netball Club. 


  • Adults $20.00  
  • Secondary Students $10.00
  • Children under 12 years - Free

No Concessions
Companion card accepted