Committee Profile - Brian Mullane

 Elmore Field Days Brian Mullane 

Role: Chair of Static Display


When I initially tried to join when I was 18, there were no available positions, as the committee was too full.

I remember wagging school when I was about 16 to help my dad out on the Fire Truck when we used to do the water for the site with Bruce McKenzie. I remember being told to hold the hose while dad and Bruce turned the tap on and proceeded to go off and have a chat. Brian would end up having to yell for them to turn the water off as they had forgotten that I was still holding the hose.

I joined the committee at 19 and was first part of the demos sub-committee, which involved helping set up for the exhibitors.

I used to deliver sheep to different sites for several years. There were a handful of escapes over my time in this role, but it didn’t take me long to work out that they always seemed to head for the same areas at the bottom of the channel.

I was initially Assistant Static Chair under Glenn Trewick, and then moved onto being Static Chair for several years on and off throughout the years, including over Covid where twice I started the planning process and then had to cancel everything due to restrictions.
I also worked in a paid role driving the cranes to help load and unload all the trucks before and after the event for a few years.

Unlike many other Committee members, I did not come up through parking, and I think I must have only done one shift of that, and maybe only a couple of hours of parcel pickup – the two jobs that are usually given to junior committee members.

I grew up always being very interested in machinery, hence my enthusiasm to join the Elmore Machinery Field Days committee at such a young age.

I remember when the Field Days were held at Ayson’s reserve when I was a kid. I fondly recall running around trying to collect as many stickers from all the different sites as I could with all the other kids my age, and I was around 11 when the field days were first held at the new site.